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Mary Magdalene … Noli me tangere …

I am blind to everything but the blurred threads of your garment .. I kneel; I bow my head; I incline my soul. I feel your sorrow; I weep; I shudder; Mea culpa; mea culpa; mea maxima culpa. I am … Continue reading

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21st Century

I read words which dripped blood from the abattoirs of history; torture, the applied psychology of fear; a contemporary rendition. I sensed the merciless power of power: perdition – Inchoate thoughts shamble and lurch haphazardly – I understood the sophistry … Continue reading

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The miracle

Thy love, my God, the eternal spring, the source of hope – the inexhaustible well. The ¬†purple crocus blooms imperial; from the cold winter earth it bursts, my God, resplendent into Thy light. To witness the birth of an unfolding … Continue reading

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Presence …

                At Tintern, within the gaunt tracery of stone, the flames of Faith still burn – winged fire of praise and prayer permeates. The monks intone.

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The Christmas Present …

A holy child is sleeping; born beneath an eastern star; the promised one, the saviour, The Messiah. No silken canopies enfold this royal cradle; no rich accoutrements adorn His birthplace – in this lowly stable where He lies – the … Continue reading

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November song …

I lie awake; white moonlight floods the night. From the ash tree a tawny owl calls repetitively. His unmistakeable notes haunt the cold air. I await an answering response; her softer song, call and reply – that autumnal antiphon.

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In the formal garden …

In the formal garden a curvilinear fountain controls the water flow; confined by the sharp geometry of a pool rippling liquid stills. Languid fish glow golden beneath their unruffled sky swimming in silence among reflected clouds .. Beyond the grey … Continue reading

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Into the heart of Spring …

Into the heart of Spring I gaze; into the mysterious centre .. this tender-seeming plant, defying storms and rain; offers to the fitful sun its pale petals of perfection .. another Winter; another Spring; the lengthening of the days; the … Continue reading

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What is beauty? …

What is beauty? Beneath a threatening sky jade green is the sea; the tide is racing in … A silver-sheened redoubt of rock, white furrows of waves encroaching; the limpid lakes; the sea-urchin hollows. The majesty of winter in the … Continue reading

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Storm clouds …

Dark brood the clouds over the sea; shadows of foreboding sweep inshore. Sharp rain in the wind, a deserted beach; colours drained away, night now in the day .. no ships on the horizon, no birds on the wing the … Continue reading

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