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On words …. (‘ the blessed machinery of language’ ) quote from Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In search of the source of the poetic imperative I interrogate my mind .. if words are capsules of thought; what is thinking? I think as involuntarily as my heart beats; a stream of sentences flows like the pulse of … Continue reading

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Word association …

Words, text, what next? The texture of sound, a velvety hound with a Baskerville howl. A black woven cowl in the silence of cloisters; a featureless face of a dream ; out of place. Sea-urchins and oysters, corals and pearls, … Continue reading

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To a poet …

I have met you, Poet, in the candour of your words. You shared your fears your hopes and  your crushed dreams with me. I haven’t really met you – yet I know you without seeing- you are who you seem … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a sonnet …

Ah, Shakespeare; loving till the edge of doom, is, O poet of my soul, not nearly long enough for me I fear; My heart will take me beyond that rim of gloom .. It will love deeper when Time has … Continue reading

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