The Curlew

Wild cyclamen

I trod Autumn underfoot:
trampling muddied, slippery leaves,
beech mast and sweet chestnut fruits ..
I saw the tallest of the pine trees
draped in ghostly honeysuckle seeds.
I found late blackberries bedewed,
interwoven with the cobwebs
a determined spider weaves.
Across the estuary
I heard the curlew calling –
it is a song forlorn;
an inarticulate memory it seems ..
it is the sound of Winter ushered on the wing.

I trod Autumn underfoot:
trampling muddied, slippery leaves,
discarded acorn caps and bronzed ash keys ..
I saw a clearing in the wood.
I found a wild, white cyclamen in flower
beneath a horse-chestnut tree.
My heart was struck …
the melancholy season overturned.
Across the estuary
I heard the curlew calling –
it is a plaintive song; evocative as dreams
but in its rippled notes
I now recalled the sanguine beauty of the Spring … .


About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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5 Responses to The Curlew

  1. papaguinea says:

    Really lovely. It is also a feast of sounds. There are some real autumnal images here – I love the third lines in each verse. This is hauntingly beautiful Marya.

    • atomsofstars says:

      Hello, PapaG ….

      How lovely to see you!. I hope you are all well.

      Thank you very much for your kind appraisal of this poem. I’m delighted that you found it so appealing.
      I’m ever unsure of the lines I produce and I am certainly no judge of their merit so it is reassuring to know that the poem holds a certain resonance for you.
      I value your opinion highly, thank you again.

      Love to Kojo .. I hope he is enjoying his violin playing.XX

      • papaguinea says:

        Yes Marya, we are all well. We had a break in half term and visited Argyle and Bute, Scotland, staying in an old Victorian house overlooking the Clyde.From our high window we could see the daily antics of a squirrel, busing himself and gorging himself with berries. A thrush was also feeding off the same tree. I will post a few pics soon on MyT.
        PS The violin makes rare outings. It is second hand and I bid for iit on e-bay. One of the tuning pegs is dodgy and can’t hold the pitch. But Kojo does sound an open string well enough with a good bowing action. He has beautiful hands. Good hands to catch a ball and good hands for guitar. I will update soon for the sake of old MyT colleagues. Yesterday Kojo made his first visit to the dentist. It was funny seeing him laid out with his orange sunglasses on, mouth wide open and with his eyes tight shut. The dental nurse gave him a small plastic chameleon (which might have come from a cereal packet). Koko asked that he have a second chameleon so they could mate! In front of all the dental patients he had been asking me where babies come from, or more directly how do they come out of mummy’s tummy. He had a whole reception room entranced with out dialogue! Tricky one for me in front of dental patients!

  2. papaguinea says:

    PS Marya – there is a picture for you on MyT tonight! (Fri 8th Nov) XX

    • atomsofstars says:

      Hello again, PapaG 🙂

      I’m pleased to know you that you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Scotland. Thank you so much for your news and the lovely photos .. Kojo is as delightful as ever …
      I see mischief in his eyes. 🙂
      The dental visit sounds most entertaining. It would definitely have taken the waiting patients minds off their impending examination or treatment. Children do have the unfailing knack of asking questions in situations guaranteed to embarrass their parents!

      Hope you all enjoy a very happy weekend with plenty of music-making.
      Love to Kojo
      Marya xx

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