The Citadel …

Sharp-edged pinnacles surround the citadel;

atop the highest peak, far from home,

a Mediterranean gull guards her young,

vociferous and clamorous.

Strange vagrant,

white as an albatross, dark eyes compel ..

she extends her wings in a wide arc,

slow beats bear her to the approaching sea.

A solitary rook appears with furtive mien.

Deep, recessed rock beneath enfolds a cavern ..

No undulating waves have left their soft impression;

the fissured granite glistens;

the cave is weeping rain ..

disturbed by intrusive shadows,

amorous pigeons flutter upward into the light.

With the high tide the mysterious gull returns;

the opportunistic rook takes flight ..

What compulsion drove her to nest here,

high on this alien cliff, sunless and cold?

The avian adventurer, aeons old?

About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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8 Responses to The Citadel …

  1. Jamie MacNab says:

    Hello, Marya, and a very Happy New Year!

    I sometimes wonder if the birds, especially the migrating ones, have clear sense of when the sun is sleeping and when he just beginning to wake.

    Well, we have a blank sheet in front of us, and 365 spaces just waiting for us to fill them with goodness. I suspect that when the rains, floods, hurricanes and Armageddons have passed, you will be out snapping the sights you love – which are those we just happen to enjoy. 🙂

  2. atomsofstars says:

    Hello Jamie, and my best wishes for a very Happy New Year for you and all your family. x

    Yes, that’s an interesting thought … and not only with birds … I noticed about two weeks ago, to my great surprise, Master Toad, squatting (slim but alert) outside on the patio. I wondered at this early appearance .. I’ve never seen the famed and late lamented Mr.Toad earlier than March .. having disappeared to his winter quarters in October. I wondered if this visitation might herald warmer weather .. and so it has 🙂

    As for the photography .. I am in a transitional situation regarding sorting out my new lap-top .. this
    desktop PC is seriously full and I can no longer download photos onto it without jeopardising its stability .. it’s painfully slow at the best of times! Hopefully, I’ll make a great technological effort effort and master the new one .. At the last look I now have 718 photos waiting on my camera !!!

    Hope you’ve have had a happy Sunday 🙂

  3. Jamie MacNab says:

    Hi Marya,

    I hope so much that this New Year will be a good one for you ; and I have a feeling that it will be. I imagine a whole year just waiting to be filled with happy occasions and warm memories. So, here’s to you and all you know … x

    Master Toad seems to know something we don’t doesn’t he? It’s his big eyes, y’know, they have second sight, I’m sure. At any rate you must be kind to him, and tell the robin that she must share her snacks with him until the weather warms up a bit more.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your photos (all 718 of them?). You might think of getting a memory stick(s) to store them, so as to get some space back on your PC. You might find that you have a built-in programme on you PC which will do that back-up automatically – once you set it up.

    Take care. 🙂

    • atomsofstars says:

      Hello again, Jamie ..

      Thank you so much for your good wishes for this new year 2013 .. very much appreciated.x

      Yes, Master Toad certainly knew the weather would improve … he does have lustrous amber eyes .. far-seeing ones, I know 🙂
      I scattered some of Madame Coco’s food near him and, I have to confess, a small piece of turkey ! This all disappeared by the following day : perhaps he found it palatable.

      Thank you for your advice re the photo situation, very kind of you to assist .. I must set to and apply myself to sorting it out .. Resolution 42 🙂
      All good wishes,

  4. Levent says:

    Hello Marya,

    You make many people including worried. Glad to see you again.

    Wishing you a very happy new year

  5. atomsofstars says:

    Hello Levent!

    How nice to see you . Thank you very much for your kind words and for your welcome. I’m sorry that you were concerned by my absence
    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year ; good health, happiness, love and laughter 🙂

  6. Brendano says:

    Hello Marya … I’m glad to see that you’re still writing and still being inspired by the wild coast and by the nature that surrounds you.

    I hope you’re keeping well, and I wish you a happy 2013.

    • atomsofstars says:

      Hello Brendan .. Lovely to see you here.

      Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m well, thank you. I hope you, Pauline and Susanna will have a happy 2013, too .. my love to you all x

      Thank you also for your ‘likes’ … very much appreciated. I’m ever unsure about anything I write and I value your opinion.

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