Time …

Inexorable as fate evenings advance

with stealthy embrace

in unfolding hours like purple nightshade.

Alas, Summer is dying like a flower that fades.

Make captive the season, O lordly Sun,

hold back the dead leaves of windswept Autumn.

Preserve the mud-nests of martins in the eaves

and the swoop and the swerve of the fast-flying swallows;

hold the breath of the cold days of the Winter to follow.

O, once more let me hear the voice of the lark;

the sound of Persephone released from the dark.

Let butterflies still flutter in a warm breeze

amid the soft murmurs of pollen-thighed bees.

Alas, Summer is dying like pale-petalled poppies;

Make captive the reason, O lordly Sun,

for the dying of light;

withhold the coldness of the inexorable night … .

About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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2 Responses to Time …

  1. JM says:

    Now when did the Sun last heed our desires, Marya? I think he has ceased to listen ; perhaps he imagines that we have taken him for granted once too often. Or, maybe, he is himself thwarted.

    O, Bright-eye tell us where lies the fault
    That keeps you hidden in your vault,
    High above the cold-steam skies
    That veil your touch and starve our eyes.

    The passing of an ailing Summer is particularly sad, isn’t it? I fear there’s a hard winter to come. But then, there’s a fresh New Year a-coming!

    I have been Coleridging again. Well, I have been gliding through the Major Works, picking out some lovely thoughts. I can see now why Barfield quotes him (and Wordsworth) so often ; his mind is so subtle and wide. I shall ever be grateful to you for nudging me in this direction, Marya. I have never plunged into a ‘literary’ book before ; never thought to look seriously into the motivations and causes that lead to great writing ; never fished the great sea of thinking that lies under a great mind. Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. atomsofstars says:

    Hello again, Jamie … I think it’s more generally termed, ‘crying for the moon’ 🙂

    Yes, Summer slipping away without showing its full glory is a scenario we, in Britain, should be philosophical about but still we hope in vain 🙂

    I’m pleased you are finding Coleridge’s life and works so rewarding …yes; a man with an extraordinary intellect dazzling in its range and creativity and depth, an indomitable man battling both his wayward genius and his beleaguered soul with unflinching honesty and courage. I do so admire him 🙂

    I am now in possession of Owen Barfield’s Poetic Diction … with but a quick skim through, I can see that it will be mind-stretching … I’m gathering my somewhat exhausted grey cells for another foray into the intellectual high-ground …

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