The rivulet …


The rivulet flows as gently as love

onward to the sea ;

meandering in rills;

slipping through smooth folds

of sheep-cropped hills

past forget-me-nots

and celandines and stones, unhurriedly.

But here beside the ancient bridge

I see it gather pace and force

in swirls around rock detours

certain of its course.

Channelled now into a stream it sings a joyous song

as it nears the waiting shore

and like a returning lover enfolded in a lover’s arms

lost in the moment between waking and a dream

the rivulet merges inexorably with the welcoming sea … .


About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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2 Responses to The rivulet …

    • atomsofstars says:

      Good morning, Sandra, and welcome to my site.

      Thank you very much for your kind opinion and for taking the time to call in to let me know you liked this piece.

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