Evanescence …


I saw the Attic moon rise

high above Mount Hymettus

as the vermilion sun

flared beyond the dark Aegean.

The expectant night

and the dying day stilled

in dramatic equilibrium ..

I felt the fulcrum of the earth

beneath my feet

and eternity unveil before my sight.

O, mirror moon …

your bright reflection sails now

upon a colder sea

in search of the descending sun.

Alas, the night waits for the stars alone

in cosmic certainty;

but somewhere, far out beyond the bay,

on the tight-rope of the horizon,

your diurnal lover shines for you

to light this spangled waterway.

About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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3 Responses to Evanescence …

  1. Shermeen says:

    I have read this more then once, many times, in fact to really understand it. Quite a profound moment you appear to have had, Marya, manifesting in this ethereal poem.

  2. Shermeen says:

    …’than’ once!

  3. atomsofstars says:

    Good evening, Shermeen … how nice to see you .

    Yes, indeed it was .. inexpressible really .. this is a poor attempt to share that sense of ineffable equilibrium 🙂

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