Ephemeral …


the slowly opening bud

unfurls a parasol of petals

to disclose

the secret, scented heart

of a magenta rose …


before night falls,

her vibrant colour fades

like the day overcome by the dusk;

leaving to the moths and the moon

her perfumed memories of musk … .

About atomsofstars

Reticent .. but I hope my poetry speaks for me .. Favourite quotation .. ' Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.' Ludwig Wittgenstein
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2 Responses to Ephemeral …

  1. Shermeen says:

    I have read and re-read this piece and I simply smile each time I read line after line of beauty and depth. How do you do it?

  2. atomsofstars says:

    Good morning, Shermeen …

    I’ve no idea!

    I’m delighted though, that you found such pleasure in these lines. Thank you very much for your continuing interest and encouragement .. it’s a great pleasure for me to share my thoughts in this way and to know that sometimes they resonate in another soul.

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